First and foremost the PTA advocates for children and their families.  The PTA represents YMA in the Yonkers PTA Council and notifies school and district administrators about concerns.  In a nutshell, we work to make every child's education better.  We also provide support for the teachers and staff who nurture our children everyday.
The YMA PTSA works to enrich the lives of children.  We provide cultural and educational shows, demonstrations and presentations for the entire school.
The YMA PTSA also works to create community within the school.  One way the PTSA does this is through social events for the whole family.  Busy parents can spend time with their children and other YMA families and staff while participating in wholesome, low cost activities.  
The PTSA fosters communication between the home, school and the PTSA.  In this effort, the PTSA sends out regular notices about issues and events to the entire school.  YMA PTSA also maintains an e-mail list and uses it regularly to keep parents informed.  The YMA PTSA has a website where parents can download all PTSA notices sent home through your children.  We also keep in touch through ConnectED phone messages, Facebook and Twitter. 
Our PTSA has meetings so that parents can meet each other, stay informed, discus concerns and communicate with the principal.  YMA board meetings and Yonkers Council of PTA Meetings are held once a month, while YMA PTSA general membership meetings are held every 2-3 months.  The PTSA also keeps parents informed about Board of Education meetings and city governmental meetings related to school issues.